Women’s Night Out

by Diahanna White on May 6, 2015



f1cd3937-3cd5-48b8-92c8-9a25e8abdec8Join us Thursday Night because it is FUN!

That’s right … come over and create some joy and happiness with us!

Next meeting is almost here and its time to come over and make some new friends (okay some are old) or just create with a bunch of TOTALLY AWESOME WOMEN!

*You know you want to, each month you think about it, and now it is time you become an insider!*

Since everything is turning green and bright and flourishing with great goodness I thought that it would be the perfect time to create your very own prosperity box (you know to attract the green stuff!). Plus I will guide you through a light meditation that will help to harmonize your soul’s energy.  Oh yeah, and whatever else comes up.

This is what you need to bring with you:

A nice decorative box (wood, cardstock or your choice),

Filled with your favorite personal treasures, like coins, shells, flower etc…

You need 1 Blue Ink Pen and 1 Red Ink Pen

A notebook or note pad

One new bill paper currency (new or at least a nice crisp bill) either $20/$50/$100 the domination of your choice, (hey it’s your box and you are keeping it)

I encourage you to invite other women that you think might enjoy spending a night with us too! For only $10 (the price of an expensive cup of coffee) you could be a part of this exceptional social bunch too!     Ssh …. It’s for women only!

Okay, mark your calendars so you won’t forget!

Join us Thursday … May 7th at 6:30pm!

Wishing you a very happy week of sunshine and delight

In Loving Light,



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