Our Super Women’s Group

Our Super Women’s  Group

Women's Empowerment Group

If you have never had the opportunity to join us in Morehead City and experience our fantastic group dynamic, you’ll find our group provides an excellent environment for emotional and spiritual growth through our camaraderie and enthusiastic discussions covering a wide variety of topics.

Learn more about intuition, meditation and guided imagery, intimacy, spirituality, healing modalities, and sensing energy and vibrations.  Learn how to seek balance and help your body heal from illnesses, and learn powerful ways to help yourself feel better.  Experience the power of positive thoughts and the dynamic powers of the Law of Attraction.

Emphasis will be placed on open topics and open discussions.  While no subject will be off the table, we will only learn positive patterns to live by.  We will create a powerful non-judgmental positive space in which we can all grow and share.  We will be open, kind and respectful to all that attend, no matter what differences we may have.  If you would like to add a little spice in your sex life, feel better about yourself, figure out what path to take or just want some overall guidance and support in the decisions that you make, then you have found a new home!

Where else can you get this level of expert advice by a life coach and still have fun!?!

Our meetings are creative and uplifting.  Come join me and the others who have been actively seeking a new group for personal growth.  Though we may start out as strangers, I promise we will all end up as friends!


Women's Empowerment Group

First Thursday of  Every Month at 6:30 pm

The cost is $10 each night.

Want to Learn More About our Women’s Groups? Call Diahanna at 252-269-5001, Contact Her by Email Here or visit Insights for Wellness at 3332 Bridges Street, Suite 2B Morehead City, NC 28557

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Nimalama February 21, 2013 at 10:10 pm

Hi if you listen to the prveeiw, you will get a good feel for this mindscape. It is pleasant. But I believe the piece of music actually just repeats three or four times to total the entire time the hour or so.so, like the other review noted, it might be nice to trim this down to the length of time you might want, then sequence a few of these into your rotation.It is pleasant. It is kind of like the calm, ambient Mark Isham ambient soundtrack music, but on Xanax and with no trumpet. And, there is a little bongo / talking drum sound occasionally that is like the same bongo-type instrument that is in the Art of Noise’s Moments in Love.If you are doing some Eastern faux-riental healing work, and you want people to believe you are truly faux-riental, this music won’t do since there is no koto or Japanese flute anywhere.Overall, if you like this type of music anyway, some calm, pleasant background ambient, I believe this is certainly worth a dollar for the download.


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