Shirley Merrill – Animal Communicator

by Diahanna White on October 18, 2013

Shirley Merrill

Shirley Merrill has been traveling the country communicating with the world’s most wonderful animals in all walks of life..

For many years Shirley has worked with every aspect of animal communication, from dogs, cats and World Champion Show Horses with behavioral, medical and emotional issues as well as assisting when the time comes for them to cross over.  Shirley also travels the country teaching Animal Communication and you may also find testimonials on the website with regard to the classes.

Her main core belief and heartfelt intention is that the communication sessions will change the life of your pet.

Examples of this are:

Health issues that no one has been able to quite resolve!

Emotional conversations that will leave you speechless!

Behavioral  issues that can be rectified with amazing ease once you hear them speak!

What they think, what they feel, what they need, we should all want to know!

Pets who have crossed over and still live in our hearts also speak with Shirley which allows a tremendous amount of closure and moving forward.

Animal communication deepens the bond between animal and human allowing both to achieve their goals whether just a loving secure relationship or championship showing!

One of many amazing dog stories was a wonderful Mastiff named Ellie who for the three years she had lived with her owners always went to hide in her bedroom when anyone came into the house whether family or friends.  Ellie had come from a breeding facility and had lived there for three years.  Ellie said that when she lived there every time people came a dog went away!  So she would always hide so she would not be taken!  Her owners who loved her dearly had tried everything to no avail.  By the end of the session Ellie understood that she was there in their lives and home forever and actually came out to the living room that evening for the first time ever in their home.  With tears in their eyes and heartfelt gratitude they said farewell to Shirley and hello to a wonderful and confident Ellie!

Contact Shirley @ or by phone #315-345-6526

This is the journey of an amazing animal communicator whose love and life is for animals of all species. “I believe I have been called to work with these amazing animals to help change their circumstances and bring a love and bond from them to their humans. These amazing beings will do everything in their power to be what it is you need them to be, but first they must have respect! There’s a soul in there – connect with it – it will change your life!” –  Shirley Merrill.    

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