Psychic Pathways Workshop

by Diahanna White on March 25, 2015


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Join Diahanna for an amazing journey into the fascinating world of psychic and intuitive awareness. Psychic Pathways is a superb workshop for anyone who wishes to increase their psychic awareness. Learn how to clearly communicate with Source, your guardian angels, deceased loved ones and ascended masters through Diahanna’s step by step instructions and guidance. You will be amazed at your newfound abilities to communicate with heaven.

You will learn how to clearly see your guardian angels and become aware of their presence. Release all past fears about being psychically open and advance your existing abilities. Learn how to read the colors of the aura and do readings for others. Learn how to use automatic writing and begin to use the intuitive information to change your life. The workshop will run for six weeks to develop your higher senses with fun activities to help you become a powerful intuitive, a powerful healer and a balanced spirit.

If you are looking to change your life in wonderful ways, and see the world like you have never seen it before, than this workshop is for you.

During this Workshop you will:

•Develop your innate intuitive abilities (even if you think you have none)

•Learn about the planes of existence and higher dimensions

•Look at a photo of a person and know intimate details about their life (or death)

•Know the difference between a spirit’s voice and one’s own

•Recognize the sign’s of the spirit world

•Begin to trust your instincts and follow them

•Know intimate details about a person minutes after you meet

•Use your psychic intuition to create amazing relationships

•Learn to heighten your innate intuitive ability

•Learn about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry

•Learn abut automatic writing.

•Share personal journeys and conversations.

•Learn how to tell the difference between a spirit’s voice and your own, and how to remember to trust yourself, your perceptions, your truth.

•Quiet that negative voice in your head (the one that just said, “What voice?”)

Oh yeah, one last thing, you don’t need any prior psychic development experience.  You only need a desire to open your heart and be amazed at how much you know that you didn’t know that you know.

This workshop is taught by Diahanna only once a year, so now is your time to learn to develop your psychic abilities for yourself!

Enrollment is only open for a short time so don’t delay!!  Diahanna likes to keep the group small with a maximum number @15 people to be able to give plenty attention and one on one time, and practice time for others to work together in a private fashion.

You will leave with a guided meditation CD to help you practice your skills at home.  This is a lot of fun, you won’t want it to end. Diahanna has a great sense of humor, is knowledgable and engaging.

Sign-up and join us you’ll be glad that you did!!

The workshop begins on Wednesday, April 8th at 6pm.  The course will run every Wednesday for six weeks. (April 8th-May 13th)                  6-8:30pm.  Cost $325

In Loving Light,

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