Open Heart Meditation Night

by Diahanna White on April 9, 2014

Open Heart Meditation

Insights for Wellness
Circle of Oneness


Come join us on Thursday April 24th for this beautiful Introduction of Open Heart Meditation.  Most meditation techniques are about quieting your mind by concentrating on your breath, a candle, music, drum beats and countless other practices. Open Heart Meditation is different in that it is centered on strengthening the spiritual heart (your feelings center). The spiritual heart is special because it’s our true connection to Source, and where our soul resides.  It’s the doorway to the Divine. Follow your heart!

Open Heart Meditation™ has helped many people reduce their stress level significantly and heal on a deep internal level, enabling them to cope better emotionally and allowing the natural healing process to happen much faster.

This wonderful practice is universal and nondenominational and it encourages respect for all religious beliefs. This is not a serious practice that involves hard work, creative visualizations or any sort of effort whatsoever.  Once learned it should feel light, gentle, peaceful, effortless…and fun!  All beginners welcome

Let me know if you are planning to attend this meditation by emailing me at: Plan to arrive around 6:30pm, intro with Graham will start shortly after, plan for 1.5 hrs once it starts. Cost is $15.

Open Heart Meditation 2

Graham will be leading this introduction in the Heart Meditation

Graham Whitley has been practicing Open Heart Meditation since 2008 in Asheville, NC, Where he studied music at UNC-Asheville. He is now living near Pink Hill, NC where he grew up, and enjoys opportunities to experience Open Heart Meditation with new Hearts in this area.

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