How Can Hypnosis Help Me?

Hypnosis TherapyHypnosis is one of the best tools available to reprogram your mind and thoughts into something more healthy and positive. Since we know our thoughts directly and indirectly determine how we feel, it is also important to know that our thoughts do a lot more than that! They influence the creation of our physical body, which is good if our thoughts are predominantly positive, or destructive if mostly negative.

So why use hypnosis? You can create a better version of you! You can create a happier life! You can create better feelings, or make a desired change! You can create more self-confidence, lose weight, or stop doing something that you know harms your body and negatively affects your life.

Get Balanced with HypnosisSince we all know that it takes several days of reinforcement to create a new habit, I will send you home with a recording of our session. You will be able to listen to your recording over and over again to create this new body and a new healthier image through creative visualizations and powerful suggestions. With our sessions and the reinforcement you achieve by listening to the recording, you now have the power and tools available to MAKE A PERMANENT CHANGE!

Let me use my expertise to guide you and help you create the best version of yourself. Call me to schedule your first appointment and you will have just taken the first steps to feeling better about yourself.

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Dymon February 22, 2013 at 11:35 pm

Hopefully someone can tell me this awensr to my question. Can someone hypnotise someone to wake them up from their sleep?? Not to do but to figure out if it is a possibility that someone has done it to me so I would not remember them in the morning!!


Mai February 22, 2013 at 11:35 pm

Unfortunately, a lot of those people who claim they can hnyiotpze you also refer to hypnosis as a school of psychology. It is not. These people are hacks. Hypnotizing someone is rarely, if ever, possible. And of the people who say they were successfully hnyiotpzed, they are more than likely playing along. A lot of those people *want* to believe they were hnyiotpzed. Most of the time, when whatever was trying to be achieved was achieved, it’s because the subjects already had a strong desire to be successful. Example, when using hypnosis as an effort to quit smoking, stop drinking, or lose weight (those are the big three) are successful, those people already made the commitment to succeed. Hypnosis more than likely gives them accountability by way of reminder. Now, if you want hypnotic feeling, there are a number of meditation methods you can do to relax. These are sometimes considered hypnotic methods but they are actually meditations or simple breathing exercises.


Diahanna White March 6, 2013 at 8:30 pm

Fortunately I have found that many, many people have experienced great success and make huge life changes using my guided recordings. But you are absolutely right in saying that you have to have a strong desire for this improved change. All guided imagery and relaxation equals reduced brainwaves.


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