April’s Monthly Women’s Group

by Diahanna White on March 25, 2015

f1cd3937-3cd5-48b8-92c8-9a25e8abdec8The month of April is right around the corner    and that means that we finally moved out of winter and into my favorite season.  Okay, maybe it’s not my favorite season, but, it’s definitely my second favorite! (I am kind of partial to summer.  No wait, autumn!)

Whatever your favorite season is, now is the time we can come together and create joy and happiness.  What better way to enjoy yourself than to come and spend a little time with us?  It’s that time again to have fun with our TOTALLY AWESOME group of WOMEN!

The topics we will cover will be creating in the higher dimensions, and what we discovered with the techniques that I showed you the last time we were together.  Plus I will guide you through a light meditation that will help to harmonize your soul’s energy.  Also we will talk a little more about using the violet flame.  Oh yeah, and whatever else comes up.

I encourage you to invite other women that you think might enjoy spending a night with us too! For only $10 (the price of an expensive cup of coffee) you could be a part of this exceptional social bunch too!

Ssh …. It’s for women only!

Okay, mark your calendars so you won’t forget!  Join us next Thursday...April 2nd at 6:30pm!

Wishing you a very happy spring.

In Loving Light,



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