My biggest surprise was when I noticed that my sex drive came back!

I begin doing NES scans for digestive issues and IBS. I have had these issues longer than I can remember. About the 3rd month I really started to notice and feel a difference. I no longer have a bloated stomach and I am going to the bathroom with more regularity. I feel less sluggish and I have less headaches. My biggest surprise was when I noticed that my sex drive came back! I haven’t had any desire whatsoever in three years! Now my husband happily reminds me that I have an appointment, practically drives me there himself!

Katie J.

Breathe in …. Breathe out ….

Diahanna has this wonderful energy that radiates as soon as you’re in her presence. Whether I am in one of her groups or in a private session with her, her enthusiasm and knowledge is always helpful. Breathe in …. Breathe out …. The breathing practice was profound!

Eileen B.

Love Yoooouuuuu

In the past years I have done the work to heal and make my life positive, thanks to Diahanna for showing me how! All the readings and meditations and positive changes have worked!  I am so thankful I met you and joined the group because it has really helped me fine tune what I had been doing and taught me new things to make it even better.  I can honestly say that I have had very few worries - almost non-existent - in the past couple of years. I wanted to thank you and remind you how much good you are doing for others and how blessed we are to know you! Love Yoooouuuuu

Liz J.